Tuesday, 22 March 2016

WANTED: Work Placements for Year-in-Business BSc Management Royal Holloway students

Do you have paid work experience opportunities in your organisation suitable for high calibre Royal Holloway BSc Management students ? 

Hippolyte Petit on placement at The Walt Disney Company

Royal Holloway year-in-business management students spend 9 – 12 months in a paid placement and are available to start between June – September following their 2nd year.

Students seeking placements have achieved at least a 2:1 in their 1st year and are looking to apply their knowledge of management theory to practical situations in the workplace.

Click here for programme details 

 or contact Katharine.Radford@rhul.ac.uk telephone: 01784 414350

Employer testimonials

Bill Dale Executive Director and the Head of EMEA Product Management Nomura said of our Royal Holloway Management Year in Business student

“It has been a pleasure to work with this student; his attitude and application have been really first class throughout. Over his time with my team his qualities have been very valuable to our business.”

Anne-Lise Rozies, Marketing Executive at GE Capital International said of our Royal Holloway Management Year in Business student

“All in all, this student has successfully delivered large impact marketing work streams and demonstrated a fantastic capacity to work with a large number of stakeholders to achieve a common goal.”

Sarah Hamjah, CRM Project manager at Publics Paris, said of our Royal Holloway Management Year in Business student

“I was very glad and thankful to have her with me during the 6 months. I think that this student grew with this internship , developing how to build a loyalty consumer programme with online couponing strategies and how to manage a big budget. This was a truly enriching experience for both of us.”

Samantha Meredith, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Enterprise Rent a Car said

“We currently have a Royal Holloway student on placement who is bringing a lot from his studies to Enterprise: we really value the input from our placement students.”

Sarah Hunt in the GSK offices

Gabriella Whitehead (pictured left) promoting her IBM placement employer back at Royal Holloway

Diana Stinger and Kwok Lam finding out more about the placement positons available at DHL from Kevin Webber – DHL Head of Performance

Monday, 21 March 2016

Must Be Amazing ?

Have a colleague or friend who you rate highly, but who is just perhaps missing that "something" that would help transform their career prospects ? 

My job title of MBA Director at Royal Holloway often generates the response "Must Be Amazing" and on so many levels it truly is; one of the world's most beautiful campuses, helping to nurture bright, fresh eager minds and working alongside a great bunch of colleagues.

I love my exciting and fulfilling role. Each year I get to help transform an internationally diverse, work experienced group over the course of an intensive year long study programme. They really do learn to look at life differently

Want to share in my joy by helping someone you know to step up to the next level ? Recommend the Royal Holloway MBA International Management programme. Share this post and invite your talented referees to Click Here

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

No such thing as a free lunch ? MBAs celebrate the end of term 2

A long lunch (between classes) off campus at a local Italian restaurant in Virginia Water was the ideal venue for hard working MBA international management students to chillax a little with some of their teaching team this week.  

Stress ? We're super happy campers.  

Even high flyers have to pause to eat, right ?

Pontificating over puddings.  Perfeck !

 I nearly caught Jake unwares with this photo - but can't think of a cheesie one liner for this image.  It's just cool.  

MBA Programme administrator Michelle Casey always loves a NAME CHECK.  Thanks goest out to tech focussed senior lecturer Hari for arranging the luncheon.  

Proving that there is no such thing as a 'free' lunch - some of the MBAs were secretly recorded working....

Don't tell UK Prime Minister David Cameron's eurosceptic colleagues, but European BLUE is the vouge colour...

Dom is always too quick for my camera skills... whilst Igor gets stuck in.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

MSc Entrepreneurship students going bananas

 MSc Entrepreneurship students go bananas !  

Justin O'Brien uses an inductive approach with Royal Holloway masters students to develop a marketing plan for banana guards, Canadian PVA free plastic, kiddie friendly covers that transform squashy bananas into a more practical option for packed lunches.  

 MBA Director Justin O'Brien shows his own sense of fun in a rather too tight banana outfit to make the session stand out and reinforce his mantra of fun learning.  

Friday, 4 March 2016

MBA@Royal Court 'Escaped Alone'

Royal Holloway MBAs were confronted by four ladies having a chat in the back garden at a contemporary Royal Court stage production.   The original Caryl Churchill play 'Escaped Alone' offered intermittent insights into life after floods killed almost everyone on earth, using a very British cultural delivery style. 

Rather surprisingly the play was only 50 minutes long and skipped the lucrative drinks and often expensive ice cream sales bonanza intermission.  

Professor Chris Smith attended with MBA administrator Michelle Casey, who found the production to be though provoking with a few lighter laugh out loud moments.  

Happy to chalk up yet another cultural experience on their International Management MBA programme, students were greatly impressed by the historic and intimate venue and found the play interesting.  

If that is not too much of an English euphemism ?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

MBAs logistics insights at DHL's airline catering operation

A big thanks goes out to Ian Lovelock and his team @DHL for offering Royal Holloway students an exciting insiders look at airline catering logistics.  This was another innovative first for the MBA International Management programme, which looks to provide a stand out general management education by including extensive interactions with industry based professionals both on and off campus.  

Yes - you read it correctly - DHL provides the European in flight catering product for British Airways (and a growing list of other world class airlines).  Much of the value and complexity in on board refreshments sits in the supply chain and Dr. Adrian Coronado was delighted to be able to link his supply chain teaching with a rare behind the scenes study visit.  

Perhaps rather surprisingly, the DHL facility does not have a kitchen, but assembles British Airways' refreshment and beverages trolleys using a linear process flow.   Used equipment enters at the west of the building where it is deconstructed, deep cleaned and then assembled and dispatched, just-in-time of course, through the loading bays on the east.  

Freshly made menu items for business travellers flying in the Club World cabin are brought in from a specialist caterer on the other side of Heathrow airport.  Bar code scanning technology is deployed to customise the inventory levels and reduce waste on a flight-by-flight basis, to ensure that BA cabin crew have just the right amount of each stock item to delight weary air travellers.  

MBA Director Justin O'Brien stated "I am delighted to see our MBA students benefit from Royal Holloway School of Management's growing partnership with DHL.  All these smiling faces (photo below) are a testament to a highly memorable business engagement. "