Beer: The beginnings of a PhD

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The Cobra 'train' campaign makes me laugh as I believe it puts cool, aspirational (middle class/wealthy) Indians in an unprovable context.  However the vehicle (pun intended) does allow for multisegment 'inclusiveness'.  Profound irony as Cobra is a British beer masquerading as an Indian one - to continue the conceit (now it is "Brewed under licence in UK" as the disclaimer states) a vibrant aesthetic is established to appeal to NRIs (Non-resident Indians).

I have found various contacts in the beer industry to be extremely hospitiable and we have taken groups to SAB Miller's HQ in Woking and on brewery tours to the Hogs Back (Tongham, Surrey) and   Windsor and Eton.

Brewing up a Windsor Wives Tale

The world's most northerly brewery

MBAs visit SAB Miller & Hogs Back Brewery

Skull Splitter & Cobra - a genuinely Indian global beer brand ?

Stockholm:  Highschool graduation

We came across a very interesting way to celebrate high school graduation:  get cable tied onto a truck with a huge boom box and drive around the city centre for two hours whilst drinking the low alcohol beer  (3.5% or less ) your parents have given you for the ocassion.  The photo above shows how much beer was used as spray, the kids were hoarse from shouting, shattered from jumping around & no doubt a little bit tipsy.  A veritable river of beer foam !  Bring it on !!