Tuesday, 15 December 2015

MBA 2014/15 Graduation @Royal Holloway

Proud to see this cohort of professionals sign off in some style.....  

Congratulations !

MBA International Management 2014/15

Monday, 14 December 2015

RoHo MBAs celebrate Term1 end with some Style

Royal Holloway MBA students kicked back a little before heading to all parts of the globe over the festive holiday period. Treated to a glass of warm mulled wine and a traditional English turkey dinner with all the trimmings, the MBA candidates alumni luncheon affords an opportunity for everyone to savour a truly memorable and authentic experience. 

MBA Director Justin O'Brien describes the Picture Gallery Christmas luncheon as one of the "pixie dust" moments of the innovative study programme, after all it is not often that you get to dine in the middle of a unique Victorian art collection valued somewhere north of £30m. 

Arts marketing specialist Dr Derrick Chong introduced the student and staff group to a number of the most significant paintings that include one of Frith's railway station based societal representations. Whilst the plum pudding was a little too culturally challenging for many, the highly regarded college choir's medley of Christmas carols brought the event to a cracking crescendo close.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

MBA Scholarship Testimonials at Royal Holloway

We often see scholarship students on the Royal Holloway MBA. Please find below a number of scholars sharing their experiences about studying for a leading MBA in International Management.   Link

Rodrigo Saavedra won the Chevening scholarship to study 2015/16.   Chevening

Sumir Mathur won the GREAT/Royal Holloway India scholarship link to study 2015/16

Paula Mora Alvarado won the Santander scholarship link to study in 2015/16.  (Spanish version)

MBAs thinking outside the box: a hotel made from shipping containers ?

Take a peak in Pinterest and you'll see shipping containers put to good use beyond their intended purpose.  Swimming pools, mobile pizza oven, university dormatory blocks, a bar, green house even as large scale art installations.  

Kevin McCloud (orange hard hat above) has used his popular Channel 4 hit TV show Grand Designs to campaign for residential home building innovation and his personal sustainable passion for the environment.  In this linked episode he follows a Northern Irish architect who chose to build his dream home on a farm using four shipping containers.  Watch out for the chocolate stick visual modelling (Kit Kat).  

Fast Food pop up restaurant situated near the taxi rank on Frankfurt International Airports kerbside.

Used as promotional, temporary storage during the 2015 Rugby World Cup

BBC used blue containers for their TV studio at London 2012 Olympics

Containers offer a practical building solution for glacier visitors in Iceland

Royal Holloway MBAs have been challenged by Thorpe Park Resort to  consider 'what next' for their highly innovative Shark Hotel.  Link here for more details. It is one of four live business consultancy challenges that have been woven into the general management programme for work experienced professionals.

Royal Holloway MBA: 
Thinking outside the box ?

Thursday, 5 November 2015

WoodTrend.co.uk Live MBA consultancy challenge

Lynne Schey approached Royal Holloway with a real challenge.  

Lynne Schey

What did her successful wood flooring, cladding and decking company need to do to its website to remain competitive ?  

Could the fresh, business experienced MBA minds be engaged in critically reviewing the dynamic market place WoodTrend.co.uk operates in she asked.  Yes, of course !  

Sustainable Amazonian Hard Woods

WoodTrend is a premium, sustainable company which has taken painstaking care to ensure that its Brazilian forestry complies to the highest levels of contemporary ethical business.  Imitators have copied innovative 'hidden nail' joinery design that had been a source of competitive advantage.  Increasingly sophisticated web based shop windows have seen strong price transparency emerge, driving commodity-price focussed consumption.  Architects on large, high end construction projects are increasingly under pressure to 'value engineer' their designs to offer a luxurious look on a lean budget, putting further pressure on margins.  

Rodrigo in discussion with the group

Lynne Schey reflected positively after the half day consultancy collaboration "What a special session it was this morning. Just what I needed! I would love to have this group all in my office every day feeding me with energy and ideas. Infectious. They all work so well together. There was a great deal of respect for each other in the room."

Dr Sarah Glozer, who leads the introductory marketing teaching on the MBA International Management programme, said "Our MBA students greatly enjoyed the real, honest and practical challenge offered up by WoodTrend, something really to get their teeth into. I don't think I have ever seen the students look so engaged and enthused, so they most definitely took a lot from the session."

Justin O'Brien, MBA Director at Royal Holloway, was delighted at the high levels of energy and enthusiasm demonstrated by the students, who were mid-way through their first term of an intensive study programme.  This was the first of four real, live business consultancies the hard working group have woven into their demanding and practically oriented full time masters degree.  

Monday, 2 November 2015

Ambushing Rugby World Cups marketing scrummage

The favourites New Zealand chalked up their second successive Rugby World Cup victory in a competition dominated by the southern hemisphere teams. But who were the winners among the global corporations seeking to stand out in the marketing scrum? The tournament sought to keep its doors closed to the kind of unofficial marketing that leaves official sponsors furious, but an American rapper may have rattled their cages. 

The RWC is now firmly established as a top ten world sporting event that can boast a hike in sponsorship revenue of more than 50%. Huge leaps have been made to give the sport global scale

You could see the practical impact of this as deep-pocketed sponsor Emirates airline’s brand appeared on match officials' shirts, a first for the tournament, and a move which illustrates a willingness to create new marketing assets. 

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