Tuesday, 15 December 2015

MBA 2014/15 Graduation @Royal Holloway

Proud to see this cohort of professionals sign off in some style.....  

Congratulations !

MBA International Management 2014/15

Monday, 14 December 2015

RoHo MBAs celebrate Term1 end with some Style

Royal Holloway MBA students kicked back a little before heading to all parts of the globe over the festive holiday period. Treated to a glass of warm mulled wine and a traditional English turkey dinner with all the trimmings, the MBA candidates alumni luncheon affords an opportunity for everyone to savour a truly memorable and authentic experience. 

MBA Director Justin O'Brien describes the Picture Gallery Christmas luncheon as one of the "pixie dust" moments of the innovative study programme, after all it is not often that you get to dine in the middle of a unique Victorian art collection valued somewhere north of £30m. 

Arts marketing specialist Dr Derrick Chong introduced the student and staff group to a number of the most significant paintings that include one of Frith's railway station based societal representations. Whilst the plum pudding was a little too culturally challenging for many, the highly regarded college choir's medley of Christmas carols brought the event to a cracking crescendo close.