Wednesday, 16 March 2016

No such thing as a free lunch ? MBAs celebrate the end of term 2

A long lunch (between classes) off campus at a local Italian restaurant in Virginia Water was the ideal venue for hard working MBA international management students to chillax a little with some of their teaching team this week.  

Stress ? We're super happy campers.  

Even high flyers have to pause to eat, right ?

Pontificating over puddings.  Perfeck !

 I nearly caught Jake unwares with this photo - but can't think of a cheesie one liner for this image.  It's just cool.  

MBA Programme administrator Michelle Casey always loves a NAME CHECK.  Thanks goest out to tech focussed senior lecturer Hari for arranging the luncheon.  

Proving that there is no such thing as a 'free' lunch - some of the MBAs were secretly recorded working....

Don't tell UK Prime Minister David Cameron's eurosceptic colleagues, but European BLUE is the vouge colour...

Dom is always too quick for my camera skills... whilst Igor gets stuck in.