Monday, 10 March 2014

MBA Profile: Scholarship candidate Amy Sharath

1. Why you decided to study for an MBA (including your work experience background) ?

Amy Sharath: Presenting 

in the Picture Gallery

My name is Amy Sharath and I come from Bangalore city, which is situated in the southern part of India. Soon after I graduated, I joined a start-up organization called R2 International. Although I had no formal work experience, the company gave me an opportunity to set up a new business division that focussed supplying IT consultants with knowledge in SAP (German software) to some of the largest companies in the world. Although initially I faced my own share of hurdles, within one year, the SAP division was the highest revenue and profit generating unit within the company. The business was successful and I moved up the corporate ladder within the company and got hugely recognized. Nonetheless I felt a need to add more skills to my profile.  Interacting with CEOs, Directors and Board members of Fortune #500 companies on a daily basis made me realize that although I have expertise in my field of headhunting and recruitment, I need to expand my overall knowledge of businesses and I believed that an MBA would guide me through the next milestones I plan to achieve.

2. What attracted you to Royal Holloway ?

Royal Holloway was attractive to me due to a lot of reasons:

* It is a part of the University of London (which is very prestigious to have a degree from).
* It is listed as one of the top 40 universities in the UK
* It is close to London and well connected with the train service
* The beautiful Founder’s building

There were a few more reasons why I chose Royal Holloway: I had a very positive impression about the school of management. Justin O’Brien, the MBA Director, his transparency, real world business experience and candour made Royal Holloway more attractive. It was a particularly tough decision to make, since my company was very keen on offering me a promotion to work in our headquarters in our London office (but I finally chose Royal Holloway)

3. How the scholarship has helped you ?

The scholarship from Royal Holloway was a great blessing for me. It lifted a huge financial burden from me, at a time where Indian currency was at an all-time low against Sterling.  Winning the scholarship also filled me with more confidence in my decision to do my MBA. The fact that the University was ready to invest in me made me want to excel at my course.

Amy meets Principal 

Professor Paul Layzell

4. How you have found your course so far ?

To say that the course is intense would be an understatement. We barely get any sleep and have course work through weekends.  It has been 5 months into the course and I firmly believe it is one of the best decisions I have ever made and am going through one of the happiest and most exciting phases in my life. The course has already given me significant amounts of ROI, i.e. return on Investment.  Meeting people from all over the world and understanding their cultures and opinions has been a thoroughly enriching experience.  The cohort has become very close and as much as we study, we party really hard; hence we aptly term MBA “Master of the Balancing Act”.

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