Saturday, 5 September 2015

Buzzing back to Campus

My first day back after the summer saw numerous changes - most notable is the tree line clearance visible from my Founders office, as the site for the new library is being prepared for ground works.  Looks like they will have a busy year ahead - hopefully the modest disruption caused will be off set by excitement of watching an impressive new signature building.  I sense that parking is going to be an issue whilst this work is ongoing...

Great name for a demolition company !

Who has been walking on my roof ?

Moore Building, Managements home base, gets a new decal - improving on campus sign posting

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


...............................AND IT IS NOW !"

MBA Director Justin O'Brien is officially very proud to announce:

 "The Royal Holloway MBA cohort of 2014/15 have completed their intensive year long masters degree in general management."  

Congratulations to everyone involved (including you mum & Michelle !)

At the end of a long journey, that drew together a group of 21 industry experienced students from around the world, has come to pass.  Bitter sweet emotions abound, prospects for a bright future ahead but already the feeling of loss as the last few moments of being MBAs together are savoured.

The Royal Holloway MBA study programme is highly intensive, with six hours of classes running from 0900 to 1800 most days with beyond class readings and group work on top, sometimes it can feel a bit like running a marathon. 

And so the joy of finishing, achieving the medal for completion and yet numbness from the fatigue of the gruelling effort required, not just physically for the race day itself but also mentally, all the preparation getting ready in training, day after day after day.

This proven ability to perform consistently, under pressure over the long term, is one of the MBA attributes that employers prize highly.    

Chi-Chi and Kitty clearly proud of their work

Do not fret !! Sheraz's paper is not blank - it just has a card cover !

Eric is all smiles !

MBA admin Michelle gets in on the photoshoot too !

Next up ?   Job hunting (although several MBA students have already started new jobs) & graduation in December

But for those with a nostalgic tendency - check out a selection of photos drawn from the MBA year...starting with the very first class on the very first you remember ?

Guy on the far right isn't an MBA...(yet ?) 

OK, hands up  - I am having fun learning !!

Suited and booted 

Well done all !