Tuesday, 4 June 2013

"Doing the Posnan" - MBA study tour to Sweden May 2013

Royal Holloway MBA 2013 "Posnan" Hoodie celebration at SUBS
Hopefully the first of a few posts on the recent MBA international study tour to Sweden. 

The Posnan is a rather strange group celebration adopted by Manchester City fans after a visit to Poland that sees the fans put their backs to the field, link arms and jump up an down.  Most often seen after a goal has been scored.

The MBA group are seen here coming together outside the Stockholm University School of Business main entrance.

Accelerate your career !
 The second study visit to Sweden saw some finessing of a formula that worked particularly well in its inaugural manifestation.  Students attended a stimulating range of academic lectures, engaging company visits and a rich sociocultural programme. 

Having just completed a grueling month long exam period, students were very keen to enjoy a learning experience that did not end with a challenging written exam.   The programme was designed to provide a Swedish take on modern business, combined with the opportunity to develop an understanding of Swedish culture and history. 

The visit was only made possible by a highly effective partnership with the Stockholm University Business School (SUBS) who co-ordinated three excellent lectures and provided extensive advice on suitable restaurants and cultural activities.  It is hoped that Royal Holloway and SUBS will develop a long term strategic partnership over time, the MBA study tour is the first tangible evidence of this co-operation. 

University staff members could not have been more friendly, even local bus drivers and alike seemed keen to engage with and interact with our group.  Flawlessly in English, of course.  Absolut. 

SUBS offer an executive MBA programme which runs fortnightly on a Friday, whilst the Royal Holloway offering is either a full time year long or distance propositions.