Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pre-MBA Summer Reading List: Royal Holloway MBA

The MBA Programme Director recommends waiting until you are on campus before looking to purchase the books needed. Several reasons;

(1) They can be heavy
(2) They are expensive 
(3) They may be available in the library or as an eBook for free 
(4) Some lecturers encourage a read widely approach, others require you to have the latest edition to use the readings and case studies intensely.

Every year we like to share with applicant MBA's some of the readings that will be covered in the programme.  Some of you will not want to fly in with ten heavy text books in your cases, but you will find it extremely advantageous to at least start to cover the listed readings, perhaps using a local library.  You might want to focus on a couple of topics that you  know you will find more challenging

For some more important is to re-engage with academic style learning after a break, perhaps to double check that the required levels of motivation are there.
Independent learning using library resources is crucial for MBA studies


Many of you will be fully committed prior to the start of term at Royal Holloway as you wind up your job and organise your personal effects ahead of moving to Royal Holloway.  Spending time preparing for MBA classes is desirable, but not essential.

We list here a number of texts that you may find useful in preparation for and during your MBA programme.  Older editions (at lower prices) are often available and their use is encouraged.

Accounting and Finance

Alexander, D. and Nobes, C. (2013) Financial Accounting: An International Introduction, Prentice Hall, 5th edition.  Author Professor Nobes is in our faculty.

Consumers and Markets

Kotler and Keller (2014) Marketing Management. 14th Ed. Pearson is the recommended text, but additionally Royal Holloway's first Professor in marketing Chris Hackley has a very interesting text that students enjoy:

Marketing: a critical introduction (2009) Hackley, C.  Sage

Information Systems

Laudon, K.P. and Laudon, J.P. (2014), Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 13th Global Edition, Pearson.  


Carr, N. (2003), "IT doesn't matter", Harvard Business Review, May 2003, 41-49.

Luftman, J., et al (2012), “Key information technology and management issues 2011-2012: an international study”, Journal of Information Technology, 27, pp.198-212.

Philosophy of Management

Suggested that students buy and read carefully:

Martin Hollis Invitation to Philosophy (2nd ed 1997)

This is an excellent introduction and will give a good grounding in philosophical thinking and issues which is the key preparation for the module. The application of the thinking to management is something we work on in class.

Alternative texts if the above is not available;

John Hospers An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis (4th ed 1997)

Thomas Nagel What Does It All Mean? A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy

International Business Strategy 

A Very Short, Fairly Interesting, and Reasonably Cheap Introduction to Studying Strategy. (2008) London: Sage. (Chris Carter, Stewart Clegg and Martin Kornberger). 

International Human Resource Management

Harzing, A.W. and Pinnington, A. (2011) International Human Resource Management [3rd ed.],
London: Sage

Edwards, T. and Rees, C. (2011) International Human Resource Management: Globalization, National Systems and Multinational Corporations, [2nd ed.] Prentice Hall.