Saturday, 15 August 2015

Printing a 3D donut: RoHo management students find out how

Could you really print a three dimensional donut ?  

The answer according to Ricoh's Greg Plowman is yes !  It perhaps sounds a bit like the Fifth Element, pure science fiction doesn't it ?  However, human ears, noses and skin are already printable.  As are ultra light and strong parts for aeroplanes.  Technology for difficult or expensive to get to locations can be supported, not in the traditional manner with a building full of expensive spare parts, but with a 3D printer and some stored designs.  

Royal Holloway International Management distance learning MBA and MSc students got to learn about what some describe as the third industrial revolution (the second being the internet), and what Plowman believes with drive the same sorts of disruptive innovations for things that we have seen since Sir Tim Berners-Lee worldwide web began connecting us.  

Whilst new joiners to this long standing distance learning programme (the University of London was the first globally to offer a degree by correspondence) enjoyed a diverse programme of activities including academic masterclasses are blended with guest speakers from industry, a company field visit and social network events that include a River Thames cruise, quad BBQ and formal dinner.  Those at the business end of the their 2-5 year long flexible study programme participated in a second 'capstone' week, a live business consultancy undertaken in groups, which is designed to allow students to put into practise their newly acquired management skills.

Thanks to a link established by Royal Holloway MBA alumna Nitasha Chadha, who now works in the Japanese tech giants digital marketing team, colleagues Mike Crawford and Greg Plowman introduced the distance learning International Management students to the dynamic and exciting new world of opportunities that is being heralded by advances in 3D printing.  Working in small consultancy groups (pictured above and below) students undertook their capstone learning project, a demanding challenge from the Ricoh team to consider how best to enter the higher education marketplace with the Leapfrog product.  (Product launch here)

Completing student Abimbola reflected "Royal Holloway has brought people from different countries and continents together and our friendships have been taken to another level."  He also commented "It was an awesome fully packed week at the last Plenary in Egham. It was a truly memorable one."

Karen Wu stated "Before I came, I thought the plenary 2 wouldn’t be so hard, at least I expected to be able to join the Windsor Thames boat trip on Wednesday. We worked very long days with only half hour lunch break, harder than for my paid employment."  

"Having said that, I enjoyed the whole process very much, my team members came from different countries, different careers and different industries, luckily we didn’t have any cultural shock or languages barriers. It was a very harmonious team because we discussed and shared our ideas then we compromised with each other, plus we joked and ate together."

Jan reflected on his study distance study masters programme "I hugely enjoyed the two plenaries and do treasure the experiences I made with and at Royal Holloway and the great impact that the programme had on both my private and professional life! I do believe that many of the people will stay in contact for years to come." 

MBA Director at Royal Holloway Justin O'Brien concluded "It was really exciting to work on this enormously exciting project with Ricoh.  The business consultancy challenge was something the students really found inspiring and the quality of their presentations certainly reflected this."

If your mouth is salivating from the feature donut image, here is another high sugar bomb designs to get your lips around.  Enjoy !