Saturday, 21 November 2015

MBAs thinking outside the box: a hotel made from shipping containers ?

Take a peak in Pinterest and you'll see shipping containers put to good use beyond their intended purpose.  Swimming pools, mobile pizza oven, university dormatory blocks, a bar, green house even as large scale art installations.  

Kevin McCloud (orange hard hat above) has used his popular Channel 4 hit TV show Grand Designs to campaign for residential home building innovation and his personal sustainable passion for the environment.  In this linked episode he follows a Northern Irish architect who chose to build his dream home on a farm using four shipping containers.  Watch out for the chocolate stick visual modelling (Kit Kat).  

Fast Food pop up restaurant situated near the taxi rank on Frankfurt International Airports kerbside.

Used as promotional, temporary storage during the 2015 Rugby World Cup

BBC used blue containers for their TV studio at London 2012 Olympics

Containers offer a practical building solution for glacier visitors in Iceland

Royal Holloway MBAs have been challenged by Thorpe Park Resort to  consider 'what next' for their highly innovative Shark Hotel.  Link here for more details. It is one of four live business consultancy challenges that have been woven into the general management programme for work experienced professionals.

Royal Holloway MBA: 
Thinking outside the box ?