Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sun shines brightly as MBAs finish Exams

Royal Holloway 2013/14 MBA candidates mark the end of exams

The sun was shining brightly this week when the Royal Holloway 2013/14 cohort completed their last exam.  After two highly intensive terms of classes that run Mon-Fri from 0900-1800 or 1900 for some of the finance modules, a stressful Easter vacation revising and nearly a month of examinations this years cracking group of work experienced students lingered long enough to be personally congratulated in person by their MBA Director.

Most were shattered after weeks of late night revising but with the international study trip to Sweden, group consultancy and dissertation still to complete, they aren't quite finished.  But it certainly was a milestone in their programme and signals the beginning of the end.

Standing outside the Windsor building in the centre of campus, please note the special degree of cleverness used to 'click' this masterpiece - some of the stunning chimney roof line from Founders is reflected in the shadow on the windows.  

Discussion in the Happy Man afterwards with the tired but happy group centred on what they had learnt - clearly serious answers were off the agenda so stories of learning to cook different international food ensued, topped by the 'how to kill a lobster' and how to put off the campus room cleanliness inspectors ensued, calling "I'm in the shower" insufficient we learn.  Unfortunately, the fine details aren't suitable for public consumption via this blog.  

Hate to think what we are going to learn during the Stockholm visit.....