Friday, 9 May 2014

Cold Calling & Networking event

Cold Calling students build business networking experience

 Students from the active Royal Holloway Marketing and Entrepreneur societies joined together under the project management of Celmira Amade, a high flying BSc management finalist student to bring an innovative event to the School of Management.

Celmira Amade: event innovator

With atmospheric piano music playing in the foyer area more than 50 students joined a number of business contacts over a glass of wine to try out their networking skills. 

The highlight of the evening was the award of certificates and iPad prize to the undergraduates who had participated in the innovative 'cold calling' competition.  Celmira introduced the concept, which sees students challenged to connect to the most senior person in a designated organisation using a cold calling approach (ie no prior introduction being given).  The activity was designed to encourage young entrepreneurs to take a risk and to help build their confidence in being willing to look to communicated directly with senior professionals outside the University campus. 

Management academic: Ailson De Moraes
Additionally undergraduate students were able to network with business experienced MBA students and a wide range of participants from organisations in the London area.  

Students and staff at the School of Management are eager to foster relationships with businesses across a range of zero and small cost activities such as guest speaking, problem solving, live issues as assignments, short internships and longer paid placements.  

BSc Management students following the year in business programme take the third year of their degree and quality learning placements are highly sought after.  

If you have any ideas that could involve Royal Holloway students please contact MBA Director Justin O'Brien: