Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Summer of changes on RoHo campus....

The big building project has started & without a digger in sight (graduation next week means hi viz jackets & high fencing are being kept out for just a little longer) the changes have already started. 

The Olympic, Golden post box has sprouted legs and moved.  A bit like that lovely snow man in the John Lewis Christmas ads - each time you look the static resembling column has moved.  

Confused.com me needed to post a letter and found a square concrete plinth, where a post box used to be.  An ex-post box, not a dead parrot.    

Lucky for me its now got a higher profile position not just off the path by the ex-shop (which has temporarily (2017) been relocated to a spot overlooking the hub) but properly between Windsor and Founders.  Ideal for a picturesque zen meditation snap, can't wait to see Linda (Managements new digital marketing exec) try to beat my two selfies with a palms and soles together pose.

Some will surely love the new location, #goldencolumn no doubt will reverberate with excited alumni chatter, however some, including long in the tooth and short in the hair department staff like me might continue to remember the older version with affection. 

I wonder if during rag week the fresh undergrads might take to 'relocating' it, like so many of those orange cones & the 'this is not a bus stop' sign that is now chained to the bus shelter by the tennis courts.  I suspect some of our globally dispersed alumni might even chip in with photo shopped versions of the post box appearing in totally unlikely positions.  

Rest assured dear reader, your dedicated roving reporter will keep you fully abreast of all campus build developments.  I am hoping that Kevin McCloud (of C4 Grand Designs fame) will be coming to film a special programme on designing ultra modern, contemporary in the shadow of Grade 1 listed Victorian heritage.  I'm first on the list for a celebrity interview, with a shirt like that Kevin will not be able to refuse !