Friday, 6 March 2015

UBC semi-finals 2015

Royal Holloway has two groups in the semi-final stages of the prestigious Universities Business Competition (UBC), from the management and economics schools.  

Dr Boyka Simeonova specialist in Knowledge Management at the Royal Holloway's School of Management reports (nearly live) from sunny Bristol:

Early doors..

"And we start with two pictures of the university of Bristol in sunny Bristol and the countdown of the first task. The surrounding is beautiful, the atmosphere is great and the teams have their creative hats on."

Students work in groups, iterative decision 'rounds' mimic the business cycle

Mid-morning update

Two teams participate at the UBC semi-finals this year. There is a great team spirit and teamwork. Here are some pictures: the teams are ready for their next task.

  Royal Holloway Students Suited and Booted 
- are those really ties ?

Team spirits running high -  Free Hugs !

The current scores are team 38: 121, team 42: 129. This places them in a good position in the competition but they need to work very hard in order to secure a place in the final as the top score is 144. 

After lunch - scores on the doors

The teams are ready for new challenges following a hearty lunch. The next task is the elevator pitch. Time to put the creative green hats on!

Management student Nigar Rustamova shares "This is a great learning experience especially in terms of getting a greater understanding of different aspects of running a business. The challenge also stimulates teamwork and taking decisions under time pressure."

Boyka is clearly loving it !

Time is going fast at the elevator pitch, pictures attached.

The results were announced after the pitch and sadly the two RoHo teams did not win a place in the grand final 10, unlike last year.

Here is what the team members shared after the challenge.

Philipp Fuhr comments after the challenge: "It was a valuable experience from which we learned a lot. And we are definitely going to come back next year." 

Despite the result, Nigar Rustamova shares that: "I really enjoyed it."

This is the end of the live coverage.

Blog authors at Royal Holloway:  Justin O'Brien and Boyka Simeonova