Friday, 6 December 2013

Rakshak Maini: Royal Holloway MBA profile


Royal Holloway MBA: Rakshak Maini

I come from a family business background which is based in New Delhi, India, specialising in designing and manufacturing construction equipment. We have been catering to the Indian construction industry since 1987 and have been a part of a number of historic and ground breaking projects, the most recent include: Mumbai's Bandra-Worli Sea Link and India’s 2nd highest residential tower. I have been responsible for successfully generating business from South India.
About MBA at Royal Holloway:
I consider myself very lucky to have the privilege of pursuing my MBA in International Management at one of UK’s most prestigious universities. I embarked on this educational journey in September this year, so far it has been very beneficial and I have learned a lot about global management.  Our tutors encourage us to demonstrate our growing analytical skills using real life cases, which help us understand whilst inculcating the concepts discussed in the class in the most beneficial manner.  The Royal Holloway MBA is a full time programme, designed to keep the student fully engaged nearly all of the time.  But for me it has been amazing, as I wished for nothing less, and it has helped immerse me in a continuous flow of hard work and dedicated learning all term long.  
Beyond Class Social & Networking Events Organised by School Of Management:
As much as we have been kept engaged in our studies, the School of Management has left no stone unturned since day one, providing us with opportunities to interact with industry professionals, gaining valuable first hand insights. So far we have met the Chairman of Norman Hay Plc, a leading global chemical coatings business; the founder of Reed, a leading recruitment agency in the UK and the list goes on.


Arty shot of 2013 MBA candidates, Royal Holloway