Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Thinking about doing an MBA ?

Good MBA programmes will require candidates to have at least three years post graduate work experience.  Thus the decision for prospective MBA's appears much harder than others who might be following on from their undergraduate studies for an extra student year, after all they are used to being in debt, studying and making the most from modest financial resources.

MBA Director Justin O'Brien

The most important question that not asked is this; "Will I fit in ?" We believe that any decision to undertake an MBA needs careful consideration to assess the value an MBA offers and which University offers you the best fit.  Many applicants want reassurance that an application is worthwhile and I happily receive such requests to my personal email:  justin.obrien@royalholloway.ac.uk 

I spend quite a lot of time with applicants to ensure that our programme is going to offer them what they are looking for.  Frankly, the decision is too important to get wrong, and I certainly do not want unhappy MBAs under my watch having been sold an unrealistic dream.

I strongly encourage everyone I speak with to do their research (it is after all an important life skill) and consider a number of options carefully.  Whilst most MBA programmes are quite similar, offering a broad covering of all the key areas of management without requiring previous study, the feel of the institution, the  orientation of the teaching team, the personality of the business school and key staff are crucial factors to consider.  Academic credentials, quality accreditations (we have AMBA) and cost are also important factors.  This blog is indeed an attempt to share some of the more fuzzy insights to life at Royal Holloway and what being an MBA student is like and I encourage you to take the time to have a good look around.

Having made the decision to study for the MBA at Royal Holloway I am often asked "What can I do to prepare for the MBA programme ?", and over the summer period prior to commencing on the campus based programme at Royal Holloway we mail out preparatory readings, which our students find very useful. 

Recently I have reviewed a single text that might well be useful for anyone thinking about applying for an MBA programme.  It is called "The Essential MBA" edited by Susan Miller from Hull University and published by Sage.  SAGE: The Essential MBA: Susan Miller: 9781847870612

It will have a strong UK MBA orientation and provides a chapter length introduction/overview of many of the core subjects found in most MBA syllabuses.

Priced modestly (under £30) each chapter seeks to offer a summary of the subject areas development and also provide insights into emerging topics.  Students are likely to benefit from this introduction. 

Link to Royal Holloway, University of London MBA programme link: www.rhul.ac.uk/mba