Monday, 23 February 2015

MBA profile: Prashob Vellalath

Prashob Vellalath, MBA

Coming to London to study for an MBA was an important and tough decision for me in some respects. It seemed like a world away as I had never travelled outside of Asia. However, my overriding ambition was to study for an MBA in International Management and to do this in an international environment. Once I had completed my research into what was best for me, I decided on Royal Holloway University of London. I met with the admissions representatives in Bangalore and felt it was a match. 

Successful scholarship application 

There are many opportunities to receive financial aid for qualified students. Receiving a scholarship was the icing on the cake and solidified my decision to study at Royal Holloway. Without the financial help, it may not have been possible for me to go abroad for an MBA. I agree it is expensive to study in the UK but the amount of scholarship is generous. 

You might ask - do I miss India? I do not need to - there are many international students including many Indians at Royal Holloway –a home away from home! 
Prashob Vellalath

What about the food ?

Indian for me is the best and I found that it is possible to eat Indian cuisine exclusively. Campus offers Indian dishes and London as well as Egham has Indian restaurants. [Editor: Curry is Britain's favourite food] However, I am learning that other cuisines can be equally tasty! 

I am slowly exploring London and it helps that we are in such close proximity as the course is demanding, but on the weekends I look forward to experiencing the rich culture London and the UK countryside has to offer. There are museums, sports, movie theatres and pubs to suit all tastes. There must be thousands of beer varieties to sample, but of course I have only tried a few! 

I have been at uni for a little over four months now and not regretted a single day. The MBA for me is not just about education but also an experience of a lifetime. In this short time, I have learned so much from the professors and guest lecturers from many fields of business. I have a much better knowledge of business from marketing to leadership to finance. 

Did you make friends ?

I have made friends with students from all over the world and from many different backgrounds. I have found a supportive, encouraging and motivating community at the College. I do not live on campus but am still able to participate in a few extracurricular activities. There are many clubs for all student interests. When I can, I play football on campus and the access to attend professional games is easy. I have not yet seen a game but it is on my ‘to do’ list. In the meantime, I am able to watch matches live on TV at much more convenient times.

Royal Holloway MBA 2015

Royal Holloway is more than I even expected and I am very happy with my decision. As far as working here after, it will be a challenge for any non-EU citizen to get a job but not impossible. The College offers careers guidance and exposure to companies. Every year, companies in the UK do sponsor some students from the MBA programme. 

I have learned that ‘work hard, play hard’ is the opportunity I have been given. No matter what future career opportunities are open to me, the knowledge and skills I am learning at Royal Holloway will be transferable for any business path.

Prashob Vellalath, Royal Holloway MBA candidate 2015