Sunday, 28 June 2015

RoHo 2014 Campus MBA's last day....

Thursday was the Royal Holloway 2014/15 MBA's last day together on the taught programme, and saw them on a roller coaster of emotions as they presented their capstone management consultancy to Peter Hay and the entire board of global chemical coatings company Norman Hay plc.  

The revised MBA programme has put more emphasis on industry interaction, more detail shown here.

The final taught MBA module, the month long group business consultancy, is lead by Chris Howorth (profile) and assisted by Arlette Parkhurst, who brought her extensive industry background in technology change and project management to bare.  

Images below show suited and booted MBA's preparing for their presentations and then afterwards celebrating in fine style over dinner in the Founders dining hall.

The MBA's had every reason to have smiles on their faces, by the end of the day two had been offered exciting new jobs.  Employability in action.    

The MBA Party is nearly over !