Wednesday, 17 December 2014

End of Term 1: MBA celebrate in Royal Holloway style

Royal Holloway MBA candidates, faculty and alumni joined together for a festive end of term celebration in the remarkable Victorian Picture Gallery, a unique space that provides an appropriate sense of occasion.

The outstanding college choir, made up by many of the music scholarship students, performed a number of traditional Christmas carols, sporting santa hats and currently trending Christmas jumpers, slightly less formal than their usual gowns.

MBA Alumni Natalia Yudina and Andrew Arnold joined to re-ignite the Royal Holloway sparkle and share their wisdom with current students.

The atmosphere was particularly jolly as MBA candidates had submitted their final piece of coursework the day before, and although most were quite tired following an end of term crescendo, the group enjoyed the opportunity to dress up and relax together with staff from the School of Management.

Keen for the party to continue MBAs organised an innovative secret santa that saw them able to 'keep or steal' the gift they plucked out of the lucky dip box and the afternoon concluded (formally at least that is when I took my leave of proceedings) with a gathering around the grand piano.

Students, still with some work to complete over the four week Christmas recess, had plans to travel with course mates, or spend time with family.