Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Why LinkedIn's University Rankings Matter ?

Why LinkedIn's University Rankings Matter ?

I am a serious fan of big data and am becoming more excited with the new web interface tools that offers powerful, free analysis enabling a surge of brilliant data visualisations and info graphics   

I have been intrigued by the Google search analysis that has provided some meaningful user behaviour based rankings and at the heart of this piece the LinkedIn profile trawling that starts to plug a material gap in relevant output related "success" measures for those researching a university degree programme.

I stumbled across this piece in the telegraph that digs up a story from 2013 and is an interesting example of how these freely available tools can be used to generate some interesting findings.

A short post - giving a blatant plug to my latest piece in the that comments on LinkedIn's new university rankings that uses profile data mining.  Currently I'm sitting in sixth place in the Royal Holloway ranking of contributors 'hits' to the, an exciting journalistic interface that seeks to raise the media profile of university academics.  Check it out !