Saturday, 2 November 2013

MBA winning group toast their success

Royal Holloway  MBA's toast their success
Challenged by MBA Director Justin O'Brien to create an introductory YouTube video as part of an extended team building induction to their demanding MBA programme (from left and clockwise) Cosel, Gopesh, Rachel, Sharon and Manolo picked up the winning prize, a team dinner out at a restaurant of their own choosing. 
The video task required the group to work closely together to plan and execute a project that required demonstration of not only important business skills of interpersonal communication, team working and delivering to a specific time bounded brief, but also some creative flair in generating original content and editing it together.  Not usually the stuff of a rigorous academic business masters degree.  This fun endeavour appeared to be widely enjoyed by the whole group and is typical of the practical and experiential (learning by doing) approach taken on the innovative Royal Holloway MBA programme.
In appropriately democratic fashion the MBA cohort of 2013/14 voted for the winners, having seen all four groups introduce their clips during a presentation skills workshops.  Justin O'Brien summarised the learning thus "Fundamental to effective presentation giving is expertise and confidence.  The former comes from hard work, confidence is a function of practice, learning from success and identifying opportunities to improve."   Justin highlighted the importance of regularly asking for feedback and shared with the MBA candidates the feedback sandwich model, which sees developmental, constructive criticism offered up either side of positive, appreciative comments.

Watch the winning video here.  Enjoy.