Monday, 7 October 2013

"To be or not to be ?" Philosophy of Management: Royal Holloway MBA

MBA 2013-14 Candidates Exploring London & building powerful teams 
Having spent the freshers week completing necessary registration protocols and getting involved in a number of introductory team building sessions that included careers, academic writing and input from the MBA director, the second week of the Royal Holloway MBA takes on a different format, with the so called 'short and fat' delivery mode used to expose candidates to managerial perspectives on philosophy. 
Nigel Laurie
In reflecting on an intensive second week focussed on building a strong foundation in management philosophy module leader Nigel Laurie stated "The MBA cohort was very responsive with high energy levels in the group work.  The black gorilla video was a great warm-up.  They clearly appreciated the theatre trip and the play ("Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas" see previous blog entries) made a really useful extra case on human nature and motivation which they were keen to discuss."
London icons: phone box, Big Ben and a red bus

Seema Bhandari stated "I really enjoyed the philosophy of management module we studied in our second week. I think it is  a great kick start to the MBA programme.  The concept,  theories and relation to the real world provided useful insights into the management world.  It will definitely help to develop a powerful thinking process which is essential for this course.  It also helped obtain a sense of relief from various anxiety and stress related feelings experienced during the pre-joining, anticipation phase of the MBA programme."