Friday, 10 May 2013

There is something about Advertising ?

"The truth isn't the truth
until people believe you

and they can't believe you
if they don't know what you are saying

and they can't know what you're saying
if they don't listen to you
Vintage Surfing VW style

and they won't listen to you
if you're not interesting

and you won't be interesting
unless you say things

Bill Bernbach, fouder of legendary advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB)

I have been reading quite a bit recently around advertising, a mould breaking, genre creating Bernbach creations for the now iconic VW Beetle keep popping up.  One site (Adrants - I'm not linking to it as there quite a lot of what I consider to be inappropriate content - don't go there) has some cracking free content and took five seminal advertising campaigns and re-interpreted how they would need to be implemented in our current world of the web and social media.  Naturally the VW Beetle was in this elite grouping, Bernbach having to stimulate US demand in post World War 2 for a small, economical, German car that seemed very far away from what domestic MotorTown players (Ford, Chrysler et al) were vying for - a truly exceptional creative approach was required. 

In another life I would have been "in advertising", part of one of those dreamy, success just comes easy on the plate & every day provides inspiring, creative fun sequences - just like an episode in the Philadelphia based TV series "30 something".   I remain inspired by Bernbach's message to find ways to deliver messages with imagination, originality and a fresh approach.  Think small, Lemon.