Monday, 25 March 2013

International MBA cohorts at Global 200 schools: School of Management ranked 9th

The following is a short PR release the School has released pertaining to a pleasing top ten ranking.  I was asked to offer a short quote (final paragraph).
Management School: Informal Pod working
International MBA cohorts at Global 200 schools: School of Management ranked 9th
The QS Global 200 Business Schools Report identifies the most popular business schools in each region of the world and aims to serve employers seeking MBAs at a regional level.
With its global outreach, QS obtains survey responses from employers from different continents and a variety of industries, allowing it to produce reports by specialisation, including Finance, Corporate Governance, Operations Management, and Strategy. At the heart of the report is the definitive list of 200 business schools currently preferred by most international employers for the purpose of hiring MBA graduates. The list was compiled from an annual survey of Human Resources (HR) managers and line managers with recruiting responsibilities at companies around the world. Each year employers recommend new schools to be added to this list, which employers around the world can then rate and comment upon.

Bold & modern:  Management School facade
"We work hard at Royal Holloway every year to select a strong group of MBA candidates whose diverse work, education and cultural backgrounds provide a rich and stimulating, global, peer group learning environment. Indeed, this is often cited by students as a major attraction of the International Management MBA. I am personally delighted, it is always pleasing to be ranked in the top table and QS recognition here can only enhance our growing reputation as a leading MBA programme."  MBA Director, Justin O'Brien