Monday, 3 September 2012

Dissertation Deadline has now passed !

For those following the full time version of the Royal Holloway MBA, the passing of 30 August was a very important one as it marked the end of their studies.  We have got graduation to look forwards to in December, but in terms of assessments and inputs, this was the final, final piece of work.  I heard stories of 90 minute queues for the library printer and of students running from one side of the campus to the other in order to achieve the 14:00 deadline.

I was delighted then on Friday night to meet an exclusive bunch of just finished MBAs at the White Cross, Riverside, (off Water Lane), Richmond, Surrey. TW9 1TH, my favourite pub due to a stunning river view and long family associations. It was a good chance to reflect on a hard working year that saw everyone develop and grow having been confronted by a wide variety of challenges. 
Whilst 2011/12 MBA candidates concentrate their efforts on finding exciting roles in their new careers, my focus is on marking a very large pile of dissertations and undertaking the final interviews for people thinking about starting a full time MBA on September 24th.  So far we have a cracking looking group of candidates, but I am always open to offering the odd late place to any late, late applications.